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Social Media, Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Animation, Earned Media, Video Editing, & Documentary.


Heavenly Organics

Heavenly Organics is an organic honey company that sources their honey from conflict zones in India. They provide stable, ethical jobs to these conflict zones, in order to unify communities and to create peace through prosperity.

During our time as their AOR we managed their social media creating social content, earned media garnering over 1 million impressions, created documentaries, and animations to tell their story.

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Victoria Secret Angel Devon Windsor


In an interview with Coveteur, Devon Windsor highlighted what she had in her pantry. Along with her passion for cooking, we noticed a Heavenly Organics jar. So, when she hit 1 million followers we decided to congratulate her and send her a custom Heavenly Organics care-package, and some custom swag.

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Immediately after receiving the care package Devon did an unboxing and spoke very highly about Heavenly, garnering over 1 Million+ earned impressions for a campaign that cost less than $100. Sweet success. 

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Peace Collectors: The Story of Heavenly Organics


To show the benefits of Heavenly Organics, a documentary was shot following the families that harvest and benefit from the wild Honey. Acting as assistant editor, I dug through all of the footage finding the best shots and putting together cuts that eventually became the short-form videos used for social media posts. 

The Story of Heavenly Organics


To really tell the full story of Heavenly Organics a documentary was shot in India. Acting as assistant editor, I combed through all of the footage finding the best shots. I also laid out some preliminary cuts which eventually became short-form edits of the documentary diving deeper into certain topics. These were used as social posts to promote the documentary.