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MAGO (Formerly known as Krooked)

Magician/Wizard in Spanish. (Pronounced Mah-Goh)

A perfect set, is one where you forget there even is a DJ. You become entranced by the music and feel as if it's coming from somewhere higher. The DJ casts a spell over the audience, suspending you in an illusion that for a moment feels eternal. So at their highest form, to me, DJs are Magicians, Wizards. Letting the music and journey flow through them. I do not claim to be The Wizard, but one of many.


Venues Performed at: Elsewhere, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Mood Ring, H0l0, Heaven Or Las Vegas, Virgo, Rash, Jade, Sultan Room, Casa Maya, Pink Metal, Rebeccas, Home Sweet Home Bar, Farewell Bar





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